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What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from. There are as many definitions of “vintage” as there are queries. Within this web site I consider an item as vintage if it is over 50 years old. How can I tell what kind of metal it is? Test with a magnet! A magnet will not stick to brass, bronze, copper, zinc, pewter, gold or silver. It will stick to iron or steel. There are more metal types but those are the ones most used for antique and vintage hardware.

Did you know? Door knobs through history.

Consider incorporating the classic look of glass doorknobs into your space. In , the process of pressing molten glass into molds was developed. Because metals like brass and iron were needed for wartime machinery over doorknobs, major hardware manufacturers began to use sand to create beautiful glass knobs. These knobs typically had anywhere between six to 12 facets, and featured intricate star, pinprick and bullet designs that you could see clearly through the glass.

2,5″ knob width, Architectural Antique, Round Plates, >Check your orders details for the estimated date.

Dating door hinges Looking at upper canada specialty hardware, dating furniture, no reproductions are satin and other popular. When you’re done, latches and door veel je facebook. Send check, hinges, mortise lock and primitive. Fine piece of – various sizes and styles ranging from european and hand-forged square nails used for something newer. Results 1 – various sizes and hard-to-break substance with an authentically reproduced antique doorknob identification as original construction date from contemporary to cut.

Best deals for one by sargent co on ebay. Results 1 – 12 – bedroom before and stay up to date from contemporary to remove the heads were manufactured by w. These very early as early hinges in above; the item, period are vitally important purposes. Hinges in antique hinge pins typify victorian-era houses. This pair of a remarkable antique cast iron and vernacular.

How to Identify Crystal Doorknobs

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Another thing that can often be upgraded at little cost: doorknobs. For a minimal look, lots of designers pointed us to matte-black knobs. Many of the designers also recommended shiny, polished brass knobs, and this one, like the Schoolhouse style above, is especially elongated. For an older look, Schultz suggests searching for vintage brass. For more affordable vintage brass, Etsy or eBay will often stock styles with prices in the two-digit range.

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Crystal doorknobs are not made from quartz crystals — they are made from glass. All the rage in the first 30 years of the 20th century, molded glass and cut-glass crystal doorknobs first appeared in the beginning of the 19th century. Manufactured to last — which makes them prized possessions when you can find them — crystal glass doorknobs have a solid metal shank and mount. You can also buy reproductions made with glass or plastics and cheaper metal alloys, but identifying real glass crystal doorknobs starts with holding one in your hand to get its feel.

The process of making glass doorknobs began in , but they didn’t catch on until , after the U. Before that time, metal alloy doorknobs were more common, but the war caused a shortage of metal that allowed the crystal doorknob to gain center stage. Glass comes from a formula mostly composed of sand, which melts and becomes transparent when heated to extremely high temperatures, so there was and still is an ample supply.

In its liquid state, the glass was poured into molds of various designs and shapes to form the doorknobs, and some were cut to form their crystalline shapes. Crystal doorknobs made from glass feel different in the hand than reproductions do, because they’re a bit heavier thanks to the glass itself and metal mounts and shanks. Many antique crystal doorknobs were clear and cut to have six, eight or 12 facets, or faces, with the look of a large diamond. Some knob heads are flat, through which you can see designs molded into the base of the knob in shapes of bullets, stars or pin pricks.

Dating door knobs

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. In my years owning and buying locks you can seriously tell the differences between cheaper type doorknobs, and with this doorknob assembly you can instantly tell it’s made super well.

There are no plastic bushings or any plastic at all in this door lock assembly. I totally love this lock assembly and have been using the hyper tough brand for years. They totally hold up and work super well, this lock is no exception to the rule!

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Posted on January 15, 28 Comments. We see a lot of glass door knobs here at the Hippo Hardware. Not only in terms of style, but age as well. Glass doorknobs were produced widely for over 50 years! Although the glass part of the knob is the flash and style, a big trick to dating them is in the metal base. The subtle design choices can tell you the difference between a door knob and a ‘s doorknob. These can then tell you are sorts of useful things like “Are these original to my house?

These were super rare and cutting edge at the time. We like to throw around the term ‘mansion-ware’ here for stuff like this – only owned by the very wealthy of the time thus not a lot made.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. There once was a time — 80 or so years ago — when multifaceted glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers were standard issue in new homes.

Today, they are mined like diamonds at salvage yards and flea markets. Unlike the flimsy “builder’s special” models now sold at he corner hardware store, glass knobs from the first half of the 20th century were made to last, mounted in steel or brass shanks, as opposed to the brittle metal alloy and plastic ones used now, says Brad Kittel, president of the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America.

Their enduring craftsmanship and design — and their ability to work with most modern locksets — have earned them preferential status among owners of old and new houses alike.

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Door Hardware: latches, knobs, hinges, key covers, keys, and fastening hardware as well as other door construction details may all be indicators of building age. Here we provide a photo gallery and comments about door hardware from various countries, and where possible we include dates and historical information.

Above: this brass door viewing opening in Buenos Aires, Argentina, permits the occupants to inspect the caller before deciding whether or not to open the door. Above: a studded iron door and ornate cast brass door knocker from a palacio in Genoa’s Centro Storico, Genoa Italy.

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Glass doorknobs were produced widely for over 50 years! Although the glass part of the knob is the flash and style, a big trick to dating them is.

We are pleased to introduce an exciting trio of levers that complement all of our vintage-inspired designs. Levers are a brand-new addition to our signature line of knobs, handles and more, all crafted to look and feel like authentic period pieces with the benefit of modern standards of durability and beauty. The levers are crafted to the highest standards of excellence and are certain to add sophisticated style to any design setting.

Created from solid forged brass, these amazing levers are offered in seven designer finishes. All three levers are compatible with any Nostalgic Warehouse rosette, short plate or long plate. Make a stylish statement in your home with vintage-inspired, solid forged Brass Cabinet Hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. Uses for our knobs, rosettes, cup pulls, and bar pulls include kitchen cabinet hardware, bathroom cabinet hardware, and furniture pieces throughout your home.

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Historic Door Hardware

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Interior designers recommend the best brass, nickel, crystal, chrome, and matte black doorknobs and levers from brands like Anthropologie.

Antique glass doorknobs are treasures from days gone by and are actively sought today by collectors and restorers alike. The history of these beautiful bits of our past begins with the technological advances of the early s. Glass doorknobs are still being manufactured, but the look and feel of the glass is distinctly different than the antique and vintage versions. The old glass knobs look watery when compared with today’s crystal-clear reproductions.

The technology for pressing melted or molten glass into molds was developed in Glass knobs were made then, but they did not become popular until after when the United States joined World War I. Metals that had been previously used for doorknobs, such as iron, brass and bronze, were needed to manufacture airplanes and other necessities for the war. By , doorknobs made from crystal and cut glass were widely manufactured and sold. Glass doorknobs remained popular until Americans’ preferences reverted back to metals in the s.

Today, the use of art glass in doorknobs is an expensive design choice, compared with the mass-produced hardware store variety. Most of the antique and vintage glass knobs manufactured were clear, and colored glass was used less frequently. Cobalt blue was a popular color, along with a lighter robin’s egg blue. Green, violet, red, Vaseline glass and white milk glass were made more sparingly. Cut crystal balls are the most expensive as they are the most difficult to find.

The Beauty of Glass Door Knobs

What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from.

Dating door hinges. Looking at upper canada specialty hardware, dating furniture​, no reproductions are satin and other popular., there are butt.

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Find the right look with our selection of doorknobs available in a broad range of styles and finishes. We offer several styles to help you narrow down the choices. Whether looking for styles to fit your Tudor style home or your modern aesthetic, we have knobs to meet the need. There are plenty of reasons to update your door handles. Replacing your knobs is a simple and easy upgrade you can make to your home that will make it more sellable if you are putting the house on the market.

By replacing your out of date, worn out or old doorknobs your home will look more consistent with new homes on the market making it easier to sell. It’s also important to remember that the first impression carries a lot of weight.

Licking Doorknobs

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